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Your organization does not have a website.

You have never heard of twitter.

Facebook is something that young people do as far as you are concerned.

YouTube, sounds like something you would use to clean a clogged drain.
Your organization may not have an established web presences but your supporters, staff, volunteers and community are all chatting about you online. Yes you create and manage your website, twitter account etc. But you can not manage what people will say about you and if you don’t have an established web presence then you have no way of knowing what is being said about your organization.

Does the playground need repairs? Is there an empty plot that could be turned into a community garden? Your community, volunteers and future donors are all talking about your organization.

Your presence online not only gives you insight into what being is said about your organization but also gives you an opportunity communicate with those who care about your organization.


Our volunteers are the life blood of our organizations unselfishly giving of them selves, time, energy, resources, services, good and financial contributions.

Right now you probably wish I was sitting in front of you so you could tell me “Lisbeth, I don’t have a budget for a social media plan and how would I even go about raising the funds if I am not sure how it works?”

I am not sitting across from you but I am still going to say the same thing: “breathe, relax you don’t have to do it alone after all you are reading my blog so already you are not alone.”

So you don’t have the budget for a social media campaign one of my favorite non-profit organizations is Taproot Foundation. Now I could wax poetic about this great organization but instead I am going to supply the link so you can all the awesome work they are doing with organizations for FREE. 

Taproot has worked with many organizations and has helped them bridge the digital divide I encourage you to read through their website and learn more about them.

Now back to our original question: Has your organization turned over the social media plan to volunteers what has been the results?

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