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I have always had a soft spot for organizations that take a “disruptive” approach towards making the world a better place.

These organizations are “disruptive” because they take the status-quo and say “yes this may be the case now but what if?”

I came across the Right Question Institute and as I read through their mission I was impressed with the ability for an organization to look at an established system the school system and ask what if: “students asked questions in class, and teachers helped students become critical thinkers through questions and answers not based on some testing model.

Please check out their mission

The Right Question Institute (RQI) has a two-fold mission:

  • To develop and disseminate innovative methods that all people – no matter their literacy or educational level – can use to advocate for themselves and participate more effectively in decision-making processes that affect them.
  • To promote the idea of Microdemocracy as a new starting point for democratic action.

It may spark some questions of your own and if it does add them to your list of organizations to watch.

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