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Your organization does not have a website.

You have never heard of twitter.

Facebook is something that young people do as far as you are concerned.

YouTube, sounds like something you would use to clean a clogged drain.
Your organization may not have an established web presences but your supporters, staff, volunteers and community are all chatting about you online. Yes you create and manage your website, twitter account etc. But you can not manage what people will say about you and if you don’t have an established web presence then you have no way of knowing what is being said about your organization.

Does the playground need repairs? Is there an empty plot that could be turned into a community garden? Your community, volunteers and future donors are all talking about your organization.

Your presence online not only gives you insight into what being is said about your organization but also gives you an opportunity communicate with those who care about your organization.


If Facebook were a country it would be larger than the United States, Facebook’s reach is global, Facebook has been instrumental in helping international organizations raise funds during natural disasters and crisis.

Chances are that just like Facebook your organizations has fans, do you know who your fans are? Where do your fans live? What are your fans saying about you online?

Does your organization have a Facebook page?  Don’t know how to get started? Well that is why you are here and I am here to help can help your organization set up its on Facebook page painlessly and in less than an hour.


I don’t want you to think that you should slap up your web page in an hour! Your Facebook page requires the same care, thought and contemplation as your annual report that you send out. Unlike your annual report you wont have the painful process of putting it together but that doesn’t mean that quality should be forgotten in the haste to put something or anything up.

Remember your social media presence tells the world YOUR STORY.
Your story like your organization is unique and deserves to be authentic and leave a positive lasting impression that is updated frequently. After all your Facebook page is where you update and you tell your fans your story.

Make sure that when your fans see your Facebook page they are compelled to share it with their friends, family and community. After all if your page is not getting viewed then what is the point?

So send out meeting request pull out some of your organizations best photos, the stories that make your organization shine and once you have planned out how you want to present your organization get ready to post.

When your message is making an impact it goes viral. How do you make sure that your content is being read and that it goes viral well at least count the web is filled with thousands of gurus who promise to make your social media campaign “stick” and make you the next big thing. They will tell you to hire a SEO a search engine optimizer who will make sure your make moves up among the ranks and soon you will be #1 

Now don’t please mis-understand me a SEO is important to social media plan. But before you go out and start hiring consultants and gurus who will promise you the sun moon and stars. Please remember your website, your tweets, your plusses, your pins are all won because you have a compelling story to share that comes from the heart. No guru can capture the moments in the trenches of your organizations. The moments when you thought you would not be able to serve all the people who showed up for Thanksgiving but somehow the community pulled together. Only you can tell the story of how after a spring cleaning your nursing home received enough balls of yarn to knit hundreds of new blankets. This is your story! This is what creates the clicks this is why people re-share this is why people click the button, this is why people click the send the button instead of delete.
Speak from your organizations heart first and fore most and the rest will follow. for those of you who wonder if you should set up a facebook page for your organization.

Facebook isnt going away, its growing and its increasingly becoming the go to social media platform

If you feel that Facebook has changed something every time you log on, your arent alone.

Buttons that were on the top are now at the bottom. The need to make changes to security settings can mean going through several links to figure out which tab you do need.

Peter Pachal on PCMag has put together some helpful tips for figuring out those changes and what they mean to you as a social media expert

Happy Reading


Social media is a growing and changing landscape. It wasn’t to long ago that social media meant Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook (for the brave). But sometimes you have specific questions and you are the only person in your organization with the tech savvy to learn social media or you have been appointed to become the social media guru. Where do you go when you have questions about social media, organizations and how to create an effective campaign?

Maybe you want to learn how to create a Page on Facebook, or you want to learn how to drive more visitors to your website.

Maybe you keep hearing people ask you how sticky is your blog/website and you wonder why do people care about chewing gum?

With only 24 hours in a day (and the human like tendency to need rest) sometimes it feels like no matter how much you know, there is always a missing piece, link or site you feel you should know about and you feel lost.

For those of you who turn to Google as your first choice, you are off to a good start. Google, Yahoo!, Bing, are all great general resources but when you want to get super specific and you need an answer to a question some websites can make the difference between getting the answer you need now or wading through pages and links before you get completely confused. is a great website for not only asking questions but reading through existing question and answers. The site has developed a strong fan base of subject matter experts who have a wide range of knowledge and interest.

I encourage you to check out

Happy reading.

P.S. Remember the only dumb questions are the one we don’t ask


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