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So you want to start a social media campaign and your Executive Director just told you they want your organization to have a blog and vlog? Do you need both? Should you use both? which will appear to your demographics?

But first what is the difference between a blog and vlog? Well a blog you read (like this one) a vlog you watch because it has video content v(ideo)log.

Should your blog contain videos? Your annual dinner/gala/fundraiser/walk-a-thon etc are great video opportunities that can help bring back your supporters and bring back a smile to their face.

A video is an excellent quick way to post a how-to. How many times have you tried to read through a list of instructions and given up but show a video and soon people can prepare a healthy meal, change the battery on the smoke detector or check for signs of bug bites all with a quick video.

Back to our original question to blog or vlog? Which did you pick and why?

If you are using both Kudos!


1. More than half of all Americans use a computer to obtain information on resources and services. Can the individuals who are interested in your organzation find you online?

2. Social Media is 24/7/365, launching a social media campaign isnt a one time thing. Technology will only grow and evolve.

3. More people turn to

apps on their phone to obtain information. If you think that an app is a waste of time then you don’t understand how people are accessing technology.

4. In the non-proft sector we all collectively root and cheer each other on, but the truth is that there is another organization like yours and they will get the funding you want because someone was able to pull up the information they needed immediately.

5 Your annual report is stale by the time it is printed, your funders want up to the minute updates, Twitter and your home page are the new pony express.

6 You are hosting an event and you would like to add new participants. You can bring in a special events consultant who will market to you the same thing they have pitched to every other organization they have worked with whether the event was a success or not

7 If your organization delivers a service imagine the cost savings by streamlining appointments and deliveries.

8. The web isn’t going away, you can cling to your direct mail that gets tossed in the trash, you can continue launching the same annual campaign, hosting the same themed events but all organizations needs a does of fresh creativity

9. Do you want to know how your clients, community members feel about your organizations you are only a few mouse clicks away.

10. Everyday that you say that social media is difficult, to costly not worth the effort you are losing, money, time, prospective, donors and clients.

11 (Bonus) At some point of resisting change you will launch a social media campaign, better to learn now and make a few small mistakes now rather than later.

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