Well the summer has officially come to a close Autumn is upon us, and I started to think of how the changing seasons affect fundraising cycles.

Most organizations spent August  not on vacation but crafting holiday, that would resonate with their audience.

If your organization is working on a direct mail appeal now is the time to supplement/enhance with an online campaign.

1. Ask for testimonials from individuals who have received services from your organizations

2. Start a count down and invite teams to compete to race the clock

3. PICTURES. I have said it before I will say it again and again. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Imagine the following two scenarios on your website:  a) A heartfelt appeal to your community because your food bank is running low on canned goods b) a picture of your food pantry with empty shelves. Which would move you? if you picked (b) you realize that “less can be more”

4. Engagement on Twitter. You have been diligently tweeting but remember Twitter is a two way street you should be responding, answering questions, inviting questions etc.