Your mobile smart phone is one of the most important tools in your social media campaigns.

Need to capture a quick picture of your luncheon attendees to post up on your website and you forgot your digital camera? Time to take out your mobile phone;  want to make the experience truly fun and collaborative have the attendees also take pictures of the event and share them the with the special events coordinator. You never know who is going to capture the one shot that embodies the fun and spirit of your event.

But your smart phone isn’t just for picture-taking.

Here are just a tasks that with the tap of an app you can head out for a cup of coffee and still keep track of what is going on in the office

1. Set up and manage a guest list for your event

2. Post updates to your website

3. track the number of visitors to your website

4. Set-up, manage and update your calendar of events

5. Collaborate with your internal and external teams on projects

6. Track the progress of your projects.

I can think of another 15 things but would love to hear from all of you, how are you using your smartphones to manage your social media campaigns?