Some people watch cat videos, others like to shop online. I like to view nonprofit organization websites. I have  a top 10 list of favorite out of thousands that I have viewed.

One of the things I have noticed is the “fundraising” page/section/blurb/pop-up etc.

fundraising face to face is challenging, one on one you can make a compelling case tailored to the specific person pick up on visual, social and verbal feedback to help you request your gift.

99% of online fundraising appeals are generic do not make a personal appeal, do not follow-up by asking why the person did or did not make a donation and more importantly what brought the person to the organization’s web page.

Most people view this as a lost opportunity, I disagree I actually see this at minimum of 12 lost opportunities with the count only escalating for each person who visits your site and leaves.

Stalking and tracking people is a no-no. What is important is that you allow and give people an opportunity to share with you why they are visiting your website, what they hope to find (did they find it) and with their permission would it be possible to send them more information about your organization.

Fundraising online also is an opportunity for your organization to show its great work, lean operation,  and most important TRANSPARENCY

Sticking up a page asking for contributions without any of the above shows that your organization does not care to engage future donors.