This is an excellent opportunity for your organization to do a needs assessment across departments brain storm with human resources. Most organization do a needs assessment right around the time the sky is falling or when a funder has requested an assessment for an ambitious new project. Assessing your organization needs should be conducted annually with quarterly updates to ensure that you are on the right path and that you are meeting your goals.  Your assessment will also allow you to be more proactive.

So you conducted your assessment but you don’t have the budget for new hires, this is an opportunity to put strengthen your volunteer and intern program.

Volunteers/ Interns are always looking for real world opportunities to develop skills. An added bonus to hiring interns they are fresh blood with new ideas, perspectives and they may even surprise you with information on how your organization is currently viewed and rated.

Interns/volunteers also want to have a rewarding experience and will work hard to ensure that the project is successful.

I encourage your organization to develop a plan, clear guidance and welcoming attitude for your volunteers/interns.