So your website is up and running it looks fabulous, your board of directors, volunteers and staff are proud of how great it looks.  And then it happens the first week, month passes and you see no traffic. You start to doubt your-self, the board of directors wonder if the website was great after all. Staff will wonder if perhaps the content is compelling. At worse the finger-pointing will result in the realization that setting up a website is just the beginning. At worse the website will not be updated and it will be come a project that could have been successful.

At some point you may start to get emails, calls, suggestions advising that you post content that drives traffic to your website even if the content is not relevant. This will be difficult on the one hand you have a great website and you want traffic but on the other hand you want traffic because it is relevant to your cause and your mission.

Updating and posting content that is NOT relevant to your organizational social media goals will deliver on the short-term but in the long-term people looking for reliable and a sector leader will not trust your website.

When the urge to post and update your website to drive starts to itch ask yourself: how will this impact my organization over the long-term?