Our volunteers are the life blood of our organizations unselfishly giving of them selves, time, energy, resources, services, good and financial contributions.

Right now you probably wish I was sitting in front of you so you could tell me “Lisbeth, I don’t have a budget for a social media plan and how would I even go about raising the funds if I am not sure how it works?”

I am not sitting across from you but I am still going to say the same thing: “breathe, relax you don’t have to do it alone after all you are reading my blog so already you are not alone.”

So you don’t have the budget for a social media campaign one of my favorite non-profit organizations is Taproot Foundation. Now I could wax poetic about this great organization but instead I am going to supply the link http://www.taprootfoundation.org/ so you can all the awesome work they are doing with organizations for FREE. 

Taproot has worked with many organizations and has helped them bridge the digital divide I encourage you to read through their website and learn more about them.

Now back to our original question: Has your organization turned over the social media plan to volunteers what has been the results?