So you want to start a social media campaign and your Executive Director just told you they want your organization to have a blog and vlog? Do you need both? Should you use both? which will appear to your demographics?

But first what is the difference between a blog and vlog? Well a blog you read (like this one) a vlog you watch because it has video content v(ideo)log.

Should your blog contain videos? Your annual dinner/gala/fundraiser/walk-a-thon etc are great video opportunities that can help bring back your supporters and bring back a smile to their face.

A video is an excellent quick way to post a how-to. How many times have you tried to read through a list of instructions and given up but show a video and soon people can prepare a healthy meal, change the battery on the smoke detector or check for signs of bug bites all with a quick video.

Back to our original question to blog or vlog? Which did you pick and why?

If you are using both Kudos!