How are your services measuring up against other organizations in your community?

How is your organization perceived community stakeholders?

Can your donors clearly articulate your organizations mission?

You are on a 30 second elevator ride and two people are talking about your organization would you be surprised by what you hear?

When was the last time you tested your organizations brand recognition?

Are your clients, program participants happy with the services your organization offers?

Corporations in America spend millions each year trying to stand out from the competition conducting research, studies, interviews, preference testing etc.

With the proper social media tools you can obtain a better idea of how your organization is perceived by the community and the individuals you serve. And you don’t need to start a special fundraising campaign to obtain this data.

Your first step is internal data collection have you been keeping good records of the emails of the individuals you serve, those who request information, community members? If not now is a good time to start. Once you have collected your data and you have permission constructing a brief but thought provoking survey can help you obtain the information you need.

Websites such as:

Survey Monkey,


Are but a few that will help you decide if it the right time for your organization to launch a capital campaign, increase/decrease services, put together a special event and how to market it at an attractive price point.

As you start to collect your survey’s you may be surprised at the data you collect and it may lead to a larger discussion about your organizations mission and how it is perceived


Thank you for reading and as always I look forward to your feeedback

Until next time and feel free to take my short little survey devised on surveymonkey in minutes