According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics as of 2010 there were 1,514,530 non-profit organizations in the the United States of America This number has grown explosively in the last 50 years, but the recession which has impacted every sector has also left scars in the non-profit sector. Donations in the sector are down and organizations are struggling to find creative ways to not only stand out from the crowd but also to grow their support base. The non-profit sector which had until recently been almost lay-off proof has recently been hit with lay-offs, corporate style mergers and reorganizations as reported by the Wall Street Journal

Organizations can no longer afford or count on being able to mail out solicitations asking for donations as the cost of direct marketing continue to rise. The average working individual now pays bills, communicates and shares personal update through various online media platforms such as,, etc. Organizations can no longer count on the “Mad Men” style of reaching donors in order to keep their doors open and serve its clients. Social media is allowing organizations to connect immediately and directly with prospective: donors, constituents, community members and spread their mission at a fraction of the cost of traditional print media.

The good news is that an organization only needs a computer and access to the internet.

Unfortunately with the deluge of information the average person receives online standing out in the crowded field can leave an organization feeling like a minnow in a vast ocean.

I started Social Media Tools for Non-Profit Organizations because I believe that organizations can truly develop more personal relationships with donors, reach a broader audience and spread their message further by implementing a thoughtful strategy that is tailored to its own needs.

As we strengthen our non-profit organizations, we are strengthening communities, individuals and building a better society.

I hope you join me on this amazing journey and I look forward to your feedback, comments suggestions and input.

With warm regards,

Lisbeth Jimenez

Founder of Social Media for Non-Profit Organizations

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